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Z1 Auto Travel CPAP System

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Human Design Medical

Product Description:

Light, portable, and integrated auto cpap.

  • The Z1 Auto builds on the form-factor of the Z1® CPAP to deliver the world’s lightest, most integrated auto-cpap machine. At only 10 ounces the Z1 Auto is the best machine we have released and when integrated with the PowerShell®, the Z1 Auto delivers an amazing night’s sleep on a single battery charge.
  • The Z1 Auto is an auto-cpap machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure- the Z1 Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better breathing experience.
  • The Z1 Auto is an auto-cpap machine and requires a valid, U.S. prescription to program and ship the device. An auto-cpap prescription will have 2 settings prescribed; both a low-pressure and a high-pressure. If you would like more information to use in discussions with your physician, this document discusses how to prescribe auto-cpap or convert to auto-cpap from a cpap prescription.

Why is the Z1 Auto better?

With its proprietary breathing algorithm and sampling rate of several times per second, the Z1 Auto delivers extremely responsive and effective therapy at lower overall pressures than a fixed-pressure cpap. The result is more responsive therapy and a more comfortable experience.

In the box:

  • Z1 Auto CPAP Device
  • Power Supply & Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Custom Tube Adapter
  • 4' Slim Style CPAP Tube
  • End Cap
  • Filters (2- 1 installed in Z1, 1 in box)
  • Heat / Moisture Exchanger (HME)

Available by free download:

  • Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS and Android – View and analyze your sleep data from your Z1 Auto on your iOS or Android device

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Specification Description
Weight: 64 oz
Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 5 in
Device Dimensions: 6.3"L x 3.5"W x 2"
Device Weight: 10.4 oz
CPAP Pressures: 4-20 cmH2O
APAP Pressures: 4-20 cmH2O

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