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Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Category:

Portable Oxygen Concentrators


GCE Group

Product Description:

Zen-O™ portable oxygen concentrator is designed to enable patients with respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), to better manage their oxygen therapy within and outside their homes.

  • Delivers freedom and peace of mind to patients by providing mobile oxygen on demand.
  • Weighs just 10lbs and can deliver up to 2 litres per minute of oxygen in either pulse or continuous flow. Zen-O is supplied  with variety of accessories, including a carry bag and a pull cart for increased mobility.
  • Robust design offers greater operational efficiency and low cost of ownership for home oxygen providers.
  • Easy to replace sieve bed. The sieve bed can be replaced in the field using simple tools in under 5 minutes, saving time and money.

Dual mode

Zen-O™ offers patients the best of both worlds. Patients can alternate between continuous flow and pulse mode oxygen therapy.

Simple and easy to use

Zen-O™ is designed with patients in mind, it is simple to use with intuitive button operation and LCD display.

Durable and reliable

Zen-O™ is rugged and is supplied with a 3 year warranty or 15,000 hours of total use, giving you the assurance of quality and reliability.

Visual and audio alarms

Zen-O™ has various audible and visual alarms to prompt the user of a required action. Some alarms include low battery, service required, and no breath detected.

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Specification Description
Weight: 10lbs (with one 12 cell battery)
Dimensions: 8.3" × 6.6" ×12.3"
Battery Duration: Approx. 4 hours with a single battery or 8 hours with 2 batteries